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A. ERP Software – Financial Accounting, Logistic System, HRIS

euclid EuClid System, adalah paket Software untuk menangani manajemen sumber daya perusahaan (ERP System), meliputi Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Logistics Management System dan Financial Accounting. System ini disusun secara komprehensif dari semua bisnis yang berkaitan dengan manajemen perusahaan.


EuClid System Terdiri dari beberapa Paket Produk Software, yang bisa dipilih sesuai kebutuhan manajemen perusahaan, antara lain:

1. EuClid Financial Accounting System, adalah paket Software yang menangani manajemen Keuangan dan Akuntasi (Financial & Accounting Management), functionality-nya antara lain:

  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Fixed Asset Accounting

2. EuClid Logistic System, adalah paket Software yang menangani manajement Sumber Daya Produksi dan Material Perusahaan (Logistic Management System), functionality-nya antara lain:

  • Material Management: Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Warehouse Management, Bill of Materials (BOM), Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Sale and Distribution: Customer Management, Sales Person Management, Sale Management, Delivery Management, Billing Managemen
  • Production Planning and Control: Production Order, Production Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Order Tracking, Production Control & Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Plan Maintanance

3. EuClid Human Resource System, adalah paket Software untuk menangani manajemen sumber daya manusia (SDM) – Human Resource Management System (HRMS) – Human Resource Information System (HRIS) – Human Capital Management System (HCMS). Paket ini disusun secara komprehensif dari semua bisnis yang berkaitan dengan manajemen sumber daya manusia, dengan functionality antara lain:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Personnel Development
  • Training And Event Management
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Executive Information System

4. EuClid System Enterprise, adalah paket System Integrated dari semua modul EuClid Software diatas. Paket ini sangat komprehensif dan mendukung integrasi data dari semua aspek bisnis perusahaan. Bagi perusahaan yang menginginkan “Total Solution Information System” dapat memilih paket ini.

Fitur EuClid System terdiri atas :

  • Comprehensive Management System
  • Multi Companies (Offices, Branches or Business Areas)
  • Executive Information System
  • Employee Self Services
  • Manageable Authorization Model
  • Configurable System
  • Multi Platform Supported (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, dll)
  • Client Server Model
  • Web-based Interface

B.  Inventory Power 5

Inventory Power is an inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, book store, retail stores, online shopping malls or home business etc. It is easy to create invoice, do inventory control like invoice management, stock balance management, goods management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock by Inventory Power’s user friendly interface and functionalities. And Inventory Power supports full customizable company info, logo, tax code and value, invoice number etc.

Inventory Power 5 Feature :

  • First In First Out (FIFO), Last In First Out (LIFO) and Average Cost
  • 3 Easy Steps for inventory: Receiving, Storing and Selling
  • Suppliers and clients information management
  • Plentiful reports for your inventory management
  • Set discount for each product
  • Set permission for user account on every function

Multiple Operators Unit Price Quantity Server Program POS Program :

  • Single-User Package 1 User 1 User $199
  • Bronze Package 1 User 5 Users $299
  • Silver Package 5 Users 5 Users $399
  • Gold Package Unlimited Users $699

Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

C. VC – Pro

XSOFT Indonesia Released VC-Pro Courier & Cargo Software for Small Business.With VC-Pro sofware Small & Middle Business Courier Company will be able to implement Reliable Software to help improve their business with Low Cost Investment.

  • Sales Modul
  • Operation Management
  • Billing Management
  • Accounting

D. Krishand Inventory Versi 1.0.1

Krishand Inventory adalah program database untuk mengontrol persediaan barang di perusahaan Anda. Krishand Inventory mencakup transaksi mutasi barang baik yang berhubungan dengan pihak eksternal maupun pihak internal. Dengan menggunakan software Krishand Inventory, maka saldo barang dapat diketahui setiap saat dan perhitungan harga pokok penjualan menjadi lebih cepat, mudah, dan akurat.

Fitur-fitur standar software Krishand Inventory:

  • Berbasis Windows.
  • Multi user, sederhana, dan mudah digunakan.
  • Multi gudang.
  • Mencakup transaksi penerimaan, pengeluaran, retur, transfer antar gudang, dan penyesuaian barang.
  • Pengelompokan barang berdasarkan group dan sub group barang.
  • Fungsi penomoran otomatis dan fleksibel pada saat pembuatan bukti transaksi.
  • Perhitungan saldo barang dan harga pokok penjualan setiap saat.
  • Dapat mengetahui barang yang digunakan dalam suatu job (pekerjaan).

Laporan-laporan yang diihasilkan oleh software Krishand Inventory :

  • Saldo awal persediaan
  • Surat Jalan, Bukti Penerimaan Barang, Bukti Pengeluaran Barang, Retur Penjualan, Retur Pembelian, Retur Pengeluaran, Transfer Barang, dan Adjustment
  • Rincian mutasi barang
  • Kartu barang
  • Rekapitulasi barang
  • Rincian pengeluaran barang per pekerjaan
  • Trend penjualan barang tahunan – quantity
  • Saldo akhir HPP per group barang
  • Saldo akhir quantity per gudang – kode barang
  • Dan masih banyak lagi laporan lainnya

E. Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition

The Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition extends Pentaho’s best-in-class open source business intelligence (BI) capabilities with additional software and services designed to help you and your organization

  • Achieve BI success : There is ample evidence from IT professionals, consultants, and industry analysts that success or failure with business intelligence is often driven far more by “people and process” issues rather than Technology.
  • Save time, resources, and money :Even large organizations have fewer IT resources than they would like, and they strive to get the most out of their investments in time, people, and technology.
  • Mitigate risk :Business intelligence risk comes in many shapes and forms. Risk of project failure, risk of late delivery, risk of going over budget, and legal risk as well

1. Integration with The Pentaho BI Suite

  • Comprehensive auditing of user activity, performance, and data access
  • Rich reporting via integration with Pentaho Reporting
  • Integrated Report Design Wizard to simplify and streamline report design
  • Drillable dashboards allowing users to drill from a metric into Pentaho Analysis
  • Integrated security, scheduling, portal integration, and metadata

2. Product Expertise

  • Consultative Support : Every customer environment is unique, frequently incorporating a wide range of different platforms, data sources, and user requirements as well as unique content and system customization
  • Remote Assistance Packages : Pentaho offers a wide range of pre-defined remote assistance packages for common subjects like advanced configuration, tuning a report or data integration job, defining an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) schema, and more.
  • Web-based Training : Pentaho Corporation has developed a comprehensive library of live and recorded web-based training sessions.
  • Professional Documentation :Professional documentation is provided to make it fast and easy for you to get value from your Pentaho deployment.
  • Pentaho Knowledge Base : The Pentaho Knowledge Base provides an online resource for self service troubleshooting and technical research.
  • Enterprise Edition Online Forum : Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition customers also have access to a private forum exclusively for customers and partners using the Enterprise Edition.

Jika ingin mendapatkan materi yang lebih lengkap dapat mendownload file : Software Business Intelligence.ppt atau mendapatkan materi yang berkaitan dengan Software Business Intelligence dapat masuk pada halaman Download


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